Brady Greening (Certified Athletic Therapist)

Brady Greening

Certified Athletic Therapist
Clinic Manager

B. Kin, B. Ed, CAT(C)

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Brady Greening is the Head Athletic Therapist at Edge School with over 14 years experience working with youth athletes.  Using both her Bachelor of Kinesiology (major in Athletic Therapy) and Bachelor of Education, Brady takes her time with every patient, ensuring they understand the process of why they are injured, the healing process and what specifically they need to do to return as quickly as possible to their sport.

Brady believes that her treatments provide a window of opportunity for athletes to improve their mobility and confidence in their injured area. She then ensures that her athletes have the proper tools to continue the improvement that she established for the remainder of the day and/or week. Brady works closely with coaches, parents and strength trainers to ensure all members of the athlete’s performance team are informed and can help contribute to the athlete’s healing process.

Brady has been working with Edge School since 2008. In her 34 years of, Brady has accrued a wide range of athletic, rehab and life experiences. She uses these to empathize and guide patients to their health objectives. Brady’s day consists of managing and treating patients in the Edge 360 Sport Therapy Clinic, working closely with all 6 of the hockey teams to provide on site medical care for games and teaching Sports Med and CALM. Her on-field work experience covers a wide range of sports and levels ranging from National, Provincial, University and high school teams including football, soccer, figure skating, hockey, and rugby.

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