Meet Our Team

Please choose the Sport Therapist That you would like to see. Each of our therapists bring a unique set of skills to their professional work. Take the time to read-through their bios to ensure are you finding the best fit for your injury needs. If you want more information on their training, please click on their name.

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                                                    Kim Lee-Knight
BRADY GREENING                                                       KIM LEE-KNIGHT

Certified Athletic Therapist, B. Kin, B. Ed., CAT(C)       Sport Physiotherapist B.Sc. PT,
Clinic Manager                                                                        Sport Physiotherapy
PDTR Practitioner                                                                  Acupuncture, Manual therapy

BOOK WITH BRADY                                                       BOOK WITH KIM

Certified Athletic Therapist
Muscle Energy Technique


        LUKE KOSOWAN                                                           JACKIE CAIONE
PDTR Practitioner                                                                 Certified Athletic Therapist
Personal Trainer BSc. Kin, CSEP-CPT                              Osteopathic Manual                   BOOK WITH LUKE                                                           BOOK WITH JACKIE

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